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How is Back to Work Employment different from other employment agencies?

Back to Work Employment is NOT a recruitment agency in the traditional sense. We do not provide “Temps” or “Labour Hire” services. We do not charge the employer for using our service.

What’s the difference between Back to Work Employment and Work and Income (MSD)?

We are able to spend more time with individual job seekers to assess their capabilities and identify skills and best job fit for them. As a private company, we also understand what employers need, so we are able to identify suitable job seekers for employers.

Are you part of Work and Income or ACC?

No. Back to Work Employment is a private company that, amongst other things, contracts its expertise in the employment industry to Work and Income and ACC.

What sort of People do you have on your books?

Our job seekers are unemployed for various reasons, from graduates who have completed studies through to those out of work due to loss of employment or redundancy. Our job seekers come from a variety of industries and skill levels.

Why are there no fees for Employers to use Back to Work Employment services?

Back to Work Employment contracts services to Work and Income and ACC, providing job search support services to people looking for work. Job seekers registered with Back to Work Employment are supported with their job search and matched to suitable businesses and vacancies. Because we help Work and Income and ACC-funded clients, any Recruitment or Return to Work costs are paid for by those organisations.

How can I use Back to Work Employment’s services?

That’s easy! Just contact us below and we will be happy to help you based on your needs.

Finding quality staff can be costly and time-consuming.

You can utilise our expertise in the employment industry and, best of all, our services are FREE!